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Lucrezio Caro High School


"I buy my clothes in shops like 40 degrees (in Via Virgilio), or in Via delle Botteghe Oscure, which has some really nice second hand shops where you can find pretty good vintage clothes from the '60s, and the quality isn't that bad either. Pete Doherty inspires me. I believe he represents a very raw/unpretentious kind of music that you hardly see around these days.'


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Melbook Store

"I mostly shop at second hand shops. I don't like going to look for clothes, i just buy whatever i find. And if two items of clothing don't match, that's even better. Apart from this bag, i usually don't like to wear leather. My friends inspire me."


Cinema Festival

Gloria (23)

"I'm partecipating at a project called 'Amnesia' created by the IUAV Institute Of Architecture, which consists in forgetting for 48 hours everything about our usual life (name, friends, habits and such). The purpose is to be able to see everything that surrounds us in a different way. I've chosen to dress up like a clown because they can cause loads of different reactions, people can either hate or love them. They are everything and nothing."


Cinema Festival


"The coat is from Anne Gigli. I bought the shoes in Forcella Market in Naples, and the bag is from Vietnam. Travelling inspires me."